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FC De Kampioenen 3 - Teaser

The F.C. Champions are back. Watch the teaser here.


In F.C. Champions 3: Forever, Jacques Vermeire makes his comeback as DDT.

Carry Goossens also returns to the screen.

The Champions go to South Africa looking for some African top players to join their team. DDT cunningly succeeded in becoming the owner of the F.C. Champions team and he replaces the entire team by young talented players. Only by defeating this young team on the field, Pol, Xavier and Markske can still call their team "F.C. Champions".

Will the Champions get back in time with some top players to win the match of their life, the match that will decide on their survival?

Discover it in F.C. Champions 3: Forever, starting December 20th.

Watch the teaser here!

Director: Jan Verheyen
Producer: Skyline Entertainment

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