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Suske en Wiske Junior

Starts November 6th on Ketnet. Watch the trailer here.


Meet Luke and Lucy: six years of age, and the best of friends! Always on the lookout for fun, they find excitement and adventure everywhere. Their vivid imagination transforms ordinary life into a fantastic escapade. Along with Molly (Lucy's doll) and Toby, their pet dog, Luke and Lucy go on daily adventures around the house, in the back garden, at the beach or in the harbor. Their unique imagination morphs daily life into imaginary worlds where they enter into the most exciting of whimsical scenarios. Every episode they travel from reality to fantasy and back again. And very often, face the consequences in the end. This series is all about friendship and fun! Comedy adventure, with a strong dose of playful imagination.

Little Luke and Lucy (Suske en Wiske Junior) starts November 6th on Ketnet!

You can see the first episodes at Comics Station in Antwerp!
Little Luke and Lucy is co-produced by WPG Publishers, Ketnet and Grid Animation. With the cooperation of the Vandersteen family.

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