Grid VFX is providing post-production services such as 3D, VFX, character animation, colour grading, editing, compositing and set supervision for advertising and film production companies. Alongside Grid VFX, Grid Animation operates as a producer of animation, where it collaborates as a studio on animation productions, offering every aspect of the animation workflow. The third and last part of the group, Grid Brussels, provides outstanding and exclusive services to any player in the advertising sector, by creating an intimate environment for any client.


In cinema theatres next week.


In the deepest abyss of the ocean lives Deep, an adventurous octopus, together with his friends. Humanity has abandoned the earth and the entire planet is flooded. Deep goes on an exploration, during which he accidentally causes an explosion. Will he be able to save all his friends?

Grid Animation did modeling, texture & shading, lighting, compositing and grading.

The Dutch voices are done by Birgit Schuurman, Tommie Christiaan, Stijn van der Plas and Bibi Breijman.

Deep ("Diep in de zee") will be released in The Netherlands on January 24th and in Belgium on February 7th.

Director: Julio Soto Gurpide

Producers: The Thinklab Media, Adriana Malfatti Chen, Karl Richards, Julio Soto Gurpide, Ufund, Adrian Politowski, The Kraken Films, Grid Animation, Silver Reel

Distributor: DFW

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