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Harvie and the Magic Museum



10 year old Harvie is a smart and lively boy with one great ambition: to finish the last and ultimate level of his computer game. Once he reaches the Gamers Hall of Fame, the bullies at school will have to respect him and even his absentminded father, Mr. Spejbl, will be proud of him at last. But finishing the virtual game turns out to be just the beginning of a very real adventure that takes Harvie, his dog Jerry and reluctant neighbor girl Monica deep into the forgotten realm of the city's old puppet museum. And as Harvie accidentally activates a legendary magic disc, he brings not only the museum and all of its awesome puppets to life, but also its ancient and monstrous puppet master! Harvie will have to rely on his gaming skills and summon all his courage to fight the crazy puppet master and save not only his father but the entire city from a grim and deadly wooden faith!

Harvie and the Magic Museum is a production of Rolling Pictures, Grid Animation and KinoAtis

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