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Spitsbroers 2


Live Action

The second season of Spitsbroers starts 8 months after the end of season one. While Dennis Moerman is the king of KRC Genk, his brother Alan is released from prison.
Both face a big challenge. Dennis has only one goal: make his team champion and obtain a lucrative transfer for himself. But dark clouds are hanging over Dennis' best friend and team mate Roel Thevenage. The arrival of Andy Fonck, a top talent but an unbearable guy, make things worse.

Alan gets out of prison on the condition that he has a job. Nina waited for him and they pick up their relationship. But finding and keeping a job doesn't seem so easy. Alan has a hard time finding his place again. Will he be able to stay on the right track?
Will the brothers mess up their family ties, their career and their lives? Or will they grow up and will everything work out fine?
Grid did VFX and grading on the thrilling 2nd season of Spitsbroers.
Spitsbroers 2, starts September 4th at 9.45pm on VTM.

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