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Salamander 2


Live Action

In the second season of Salamander, chief inspector Paul Gerardi investigates a murder in the Matongé quarter. He slowly gets immersed in a conspiracy about the possession of diamond mines in Kitangi, a former Belgian colony. Gerardi is convinced that members of the group Salamander are involved in this conspiracy whose tentacles reach the Cabinet of the Prime Minister.
What Paul Gerardi doesn't know is that he is personally involved in the case, which puts his own life and that of his daughter at stake.

The team of the second series remains largely the same, with Ward Hulselmans as writer and Frank van Mechelen as director. And also Filip Peeters, Leah Thys, Wim Opbrouck, Koen Van Impe and Tine Reymer return.

The second season of Salamander starts January 7th on één.

Director: Frank van Mechelen

Producer: Skyline Entertainment

Grid did the grading, the opening credits and the visible and invisible VFX.

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